Sheek Media | FAQ, Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get the pricing plan for my project?

Pricing changes based on the individual project. Contact us through our contact form or by starting a project with us to get the exact details.

What is the expected time frame for a general landing page?

General information and landing pages can have an expected finish time in about 2-3 weeks based on the content of the web page.

I want to make something more complex than a basic website. Is this possible?

Our team can design and integrate desired functionality into most projects, covering a wide variety of needs, such as landing pages, E-commerce sites, up to database and web applications.

What other services do you offer in terms of business?

We focus on factors that will get your business the most traction, such as search engine optimization, as well as clear and intuitive user interface design. We also aid in content distribution and product placement to help your business thrive.

What are the benefits of having a web page?

There are many benefits of having a web page, with many of those being ease of access and availability for your customers. Having the ability to go on your page to check out your content and look for information is invaluable for any thriving business today.

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